Certify O.R.-equipment skills with Symify

The operating room can be a high risk and hectic environment to work in. As a consequence, O.R.-staff must be well prepared. Intensive training will lead to a safer and more relaxed environment with less unnecessary mistakes. Symify develops interactive e-learning modules for high risk devices in the O.R., such as an insufflator and an electro surgical device. A certification module ensures that the required knowledge and skills are trained up to, and maintained at a high standard.

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Available modules

Symify electrosurgery module
Symify electrosurgery module
Symify insufflation module
Symify insufflation module

How are Symify modules structured?


Each module starts with theory that explains operating principles, safe use and risk mitigation. It also describes the physical background of the equipment or technology, to get a good understanding of the working principles. The theory is generalized and not limited to the brand of the device. The theory section will give the student a clear understanding of all the subjects required to safely and securely operate the device.


In the practice section you can apply the information from the theory section to further increase your understanding. This is done by configuring and modifying settings on the simulated device interactively. An important part of the modules is to identify and resolve critical problems and alarms that can occur (e.g. tube obstruction, capacitive coupling, etc.) during operation of the equipment.


To get the biggest benefit of your training it is important to test the obtained knowledge. The exam consists of theory questions (multiple choice) and practical scenarios. Real life scenarios are simulated where critical errors can occur, errors that have to be solved within a set time limit. After the exam there will be an overview with extensive feedback, analyzing each answered question. If you pass the exam you will receive a digital certificate with your scores.

Transfer of skills and knowledge

The research work done by P.D. van Hove, PhD, has shown a significant improvement of skills and knowledge by using our e-learning modules. More information about the research is available online at the publications section. In practice the transfer of skills and knowledge has also shown to be highly effective. In many cases the students have shown to be more skilled in handling the equipment than their teachers, after completing the exam.