Just five reasons..

..to choose Simendo

..to choose Simendo

1. Proven by science, using the Simendo surgeons will improve dexterity for safer surgery. You will be challenged with a variety of exercises, starting from easy up to a highly advanced level and can benchmark without a physical supervisor and at the same time make it fun, challenging and modern.


2. All that is required to implement the Simendo into your education programme is to have the simulator available for the surgeons. The Simendo software issues digital certicates automatically upon successful completion of the available curricula.


3. Simendo was the first to develop an online score tracking system for supervisors and trainees. With our experience we have the most sophisticated scoring platform with thousands of active doctors that use it for certification and online competition against their peers. Simendo has become an essential part of certifying laparoscopic and arthroscopic skills.


4. We have developed our simulators in such a way that surgeons can improve in their own time, according to their own schedule, or whenever they feel like it. There is no need for classroom sessions or supervisors to be physically present when trainees are using the Simendo simulator, freeing up expensive time. Ease of use of the software makes sure trainees can find their way around the trainer intuitively.


5. In addition to predefined and validated training curricula we also challenge surgeons to compete online against their peers. Create your own online Simendo competition or join the annual global competition to compete against your peers around the globe.


Simendo delivers you efficient and scientifically validated training programmes that can be used without supervision.


We use the newest techniques available to give you the best simulation experience and combine this with online data management.


We deliver complete simulators that are plug and play and ready to use upon receival.


Please visit our order request page to check whether we deliver to your country and request more information about our products

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