Please read carefully

We are excited that you wish to purchase our laparoscopic cholecystectomy training module. Before we can have you purchase it and start your training, our lawyers have requested that you first read this bit of legalese and accept it. This is needed to make sure that we are on the same plane as to how the training module fits in your surgical training curriculum and have no misunderstanding on what you may expect from it.


This training module is a software-based emulation of a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Our intent with the module is to help you use the Training Device to train for this surgical procedure. You should be aware however that the training module does not simulate all events that occur or can occur during the procedure on an actual patient. It also does not simulate accurate tactile feedback of laparoscopic instruments. Tactile feedback of laparoscopic instruments during a surgical operation should be trained with other training materials than the Training Device.


This training module may not and should not be used as the only or last step training for before performing the surgical procedure on an actual patient. If the module is used to train you, its training benefit should first be evaluated by your supervising surgeon. The module should always be a part of a full formal training curriculum drawn up under the responsibility of the health care institution. This curriculum should include extended training on real-life patients.


As a trainee surgeon you should start actual surgery under the direct supervision and responsibility of a senior surgeon. Whether you are qualified to perform the procedure in real-life is solely up to your supervising surgeon.


Except as specifically provided for above, Simendo excludes any implied merchantability, quality, fitness for purpose and other implied conditions and warrantees related to the quality, merchantability of the training module and the suitability of the training module for any intended or communicated purpose of your health care institution.