Add-on: Camera Training

Add-on: Camera Training

This add-on teaches trainees a set of skills to improve the handling and to understand the principles of the laparoscope. The exercises are bundled in two training programs, one for 0 degree and one for the 30 degree laparoscope.


Almost every laparoscopic surgeon started by holding the laparoscope. Common things such as holding the horizon straight and keeping the instruments in view are taken for granted by experienced surgeons. But for the novice surgeon and camera assistant this can be quite challenging. And it gets even more difficult when a 30 degree laparoscope is used. So why not do some extra training and get familiar with all the basics before entering the theater?


By purchasing the add-on you can use the laparoscopic instruments as a laparoscope without the need to purchase new hardware.

Safe surgery starts with excellent camera handling

Get the full potential out of your laparoscopic simulator and purchase the camera add-on today!


  • Training of 0 degree laparoscope
  • Training of 30 degree laparoscope
  • Usefull for all laparopscopic disciplines
  • Scientifically validated
  • No laparoscopic tower needed
Camera Follow Instruments Watch video
During surgery it is of utmost importance to keep the instruments in view. This exercise simulates moving instruments and the trainee should keep them in view by keeping the circle green. Unique about this exercise is that a trainee can now train on their own with automated moving instruments.
Camera Horizon Watch video
Another clever exercise to learn to keep the horizon straight, an important and essential skill for controlling the laparoscope. Unique about this exercise is that you are working in a realistic environment.
Camera Boxes Watch video
The best way to understand the principles and needs of a 30 degrees laparoscope is to show the full functionality. Unique about this exercise is its simplicity and effectiveness.


To train the important camera skills without the laparoscopic tower. An easy and cost effective solution with lots of options.


You can purchase it as an add-on for the laparoscopic simulator. Order now and you can start the same day with the camera training.


When you have purchased this module click on the add-on menu and select the 0 or 30 degree training program. Already using our simulators? Try the demo available in the add-on menu.


Would you like to to know more about this add-on? Don't hesitate and contact us today!

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